IF: Twist


my wacom is misbehaving right now .. it is an old one for a serial port, suddenly not functioning .. so this is done with pencil and a photo of that drawing .. then worked and coloured in photoshop. I have to say it was lots of fun doing pencil stuff again after trying to learn the wacom now for some time.

3 Responses to “IF: Twist”

  1. catnapping Says:

    this is a cute twist on ‘twist.’ hehe.

    i hope to get a wacom this year. drawing with a mouse, is veddy hard to do. my scanner is only working off and on, so when i sketch things…it’s hit or miss if i’ll be able to upload them…and then i end up redrawing with the mouse.

  2. trudette Says:

    Love it !

  3. luci Says:

    That is the most darling twisty thing :)

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